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Deep ultraviolet light-emitting diodes (leds) beads using nanometer array break photosynthetic efficiency bottleneck? 吗?

by:Tranch      2020-07-04

because of present choose AlGaN data LED diode quantum power (outside EQE) Generally less than 10%, so the researchers chose the common structure of the array is to break the bottleneck of power.

the researchers thought this AlGaN nanometer array structure can overcome the light in high alumina share AlGaN horizontal convey negative impact, because the transverse magnetic ( TM) Effect of polarized light, the light can transmit, along the plane of the this will bay photons. And measured according to the researchers, nanometer array structure can add the extraction of optical power at least 70%.

in order to be able to accurately array is the growth of crystals, the researchers chose selective area epitaxial growth ability.

in the plane of the selective growth according to the C GaN sapphire substrate molecular beam epitaxy growth of skills ( MBE) 。

after nitriding processing mould appearance, GaN nanoarrays basal beginning in the 995 ° C beginning of growth, while the upper AlGaN - in 935 Continued growth of 1025 ° C environment. Nano array top chose the rich aluminum processing.

researchers after using photoluminescence ( PL) Curve to carry on the measurement, the different share of AlGaN spectrum in 210 - scale 327nm。 And about 280 nm deep uv LED, its nanoarrays by thickness of 300 nm n-type GaN, n-type Al0 of 80 nm. 64Ga0. 36 n, undoped Al0. 48 ga0。 52 n and p type Al0 60 nm. 64Ga0. 36N。

this kind of structure of the photoluminescence spectrum is 283 nm, the line width of 11 nm. PL curve in different temperature, at room temperature environment, its quantum power ( 以) About 45%.

a 50 x 50 mu m2 intrusive equipment open voltage is 4. 4 v and 5 v at current density at the 100 a/cm2. This feature is much higher than the traditional AlGaN quantum well LED.

add wavelength at 279 nm with current and small blue shift phenomenon, size from 279. 6nm( 50A/cm2) By the year 278. 9nm( 252 a / cm2) 。

with this, the researchers estimated the power output is 0. 93 w/cm2 with current density reached $252 a/cm2. But the distance light efficiency under the condition of 10% policy still has a distance.

in theory, the output power can be optimized nanoarrays scale and distance to enhance the light extraction efficiency. And, the function of the equipment can also be useful by using the structure of tunnel junction.

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