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Decorative lamps and lanterns of LED lights, the advantages and disadvantages of common forms of parallel! LED lights,

by:Tranch      2020-04-19

hello, small make up with you said before the LED diode form of series form and parallel connection in the advantages and disadvantages. Then tell you the LED diode in the form of hybrid.

is to merge the series and parallel hybrid form form made to their respective advantages. Generally divided into after the first string and mixed form and compound form and the list of first two forms.

1。 Compound forms: after the first string and applied to the LED lamp bead amount is more, simple in series or in parallel is not suitable for this kind of connection mode, because the former to drive the output voltage of the demand is higher, which require relatively large output current of the drive. For this kind of drive of course design and manufacturing is more difficult, because this also involves the power circuit of the structure and overall efficiency. So the LED with a single number of working voltage determines the driver output voltage levels; The number of parallel LED string with a single working current size determines the driver output current; And together decide the size of the output power drive. So in the form of string before and not only ensure the each string of LED fault affects only the list of normal light, does not affect the other. Guaranteed the drive to the output voltage. Simple series form to improve the reliability. It in the whole circuit is relatively simple, convenient connection and the characteristics of high efficiency.

2。 Before and after the series of mixed forms are several leds and after the first string form of hybrid. Using the LED1 - n ~ LEDm - N parallel connection, reduce the number of each group of LED failure, but the flow problem for each set of parallel LED is also very important. Therefore, to make voltage and current by selecting the same LED as a set of parallel. This hybrid form is similar with the first string and connection.

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