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Create light MiniLED backlit TV products, positive growth!

by:Tranch      2020-07-19
Light MiniLED product in the second half of last year began a small shipment, MiniLED shipment will not only continue to grow this year, and will give priority to with backlit TV, next year will have a vehicle display shipment, the company long-term operating market corporate value will be driven by MiniLED operation is expected to maintain a positive future. Light in MiniLED product part, for the price competition, with the OLED is in big size backlight TV products for market entry point, MiniLED backlit TV products this year, has started to ship, but the subsequent quarter, market expectations, due to the deferred Tokyo Olympic host, will appear in MiniLED backlit TV part cut or deferred. As for MiniLED part used in automotive products, the company currently the target application is vehicle displays, shipment is anticipated in the second half of next year, so next year MiniLED applied in automotive parts will start to have the revenue contribution. This year as a whole, although MiniLED will be deferred and lower risk, but MiniLED is a new operation of the pump, so cut and deferred to the overall revenue accounted for the negative impact of small, estimated this year whole backlight product revenue accounts for more than will be growing with flat or slightly last year. In addition, MiniLED TV shipments and revenue began to recognize wisdom road light case, and the continued growth of invisible light, for new customers, operation is still optimistic in this year. Light overall revenue performance is in the bottom of last year, last year the first three quarters of the company's revenue and gross margin shows double-digit year-on-year decline, new car customers until the fourth quarter of last year, and in the fourth quarter of last year market started to rebound slightly, to make the fourth quarter of last year to pull up revenue performance for full-year revenue last season of the season. Market analysts believe that the company is affected by the outbreak, this year the market change and the risk of ascension, but light started a new operation of the kinetic energy transferred this year, compared with last year, the overall operation is still optimistic, in this year, in addition to MiniLED TV started to shipment, part of the revenue at wisdom light will also begin to recognize, market optimistic about the company overall operating performance this year, estimates will continue to grow over the past year, because last year is a long term operation of the trough, afternoon operation continue to see positive growth.
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