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Common type of patch leds!

by:Tranch      2020-05-08

SMD leds - - - - - - - In the common LED plug-in high-power leds, TOPLED, piranhas and four.

1) Upright type LED:

electrical connection to take the form of 2 pin plug straight, is one of the traditional, low-end products, because the package thermal resistance is big, the chip heat dissipation is not easy, so the light attenuation fast, short service life. Advantage is cheap, can make a small light Angle.


electrical connections to 2, 4 or 6 foot patch, is the light of the current commonly used. According to the size of the packaging appearance, is divided into 0805, 1206, 3528, 3535, 5050, 5060, such as specifications, packaging appearance, the greater the heat dissipation performance, the better, can bear corresponding is, the greater the power output of the more light.

3) High power LED:

with large size chip and strengthen the thermal channel technology design and production of LED, usually divided into 0. 5 w, 1 w, 3 w, 5 w specifications, such as a single 1 wled can bear the working current of 300 ma, the luminous flux and output more than 100 lumens, widely used in civil commercial lighting, traffic control, photography, night vision and other fields. High power LED price is higher, as the process of gradually mature, it will hopefully completely replace the traditional lighting light source, LED the world into a solid light source era.

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