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Commercial lighting LED products imitate natural light and highly restore the color of artwork


LED market competition is fierce, the economic boom is not high, and the profit margin of manufacturers is constantly compressed. The latest price report of LED inside shows that due to the global economic downturn and trade conflicts, the growth rate of global LED lighting market has slowed down significantly, which has affected the output value of LED packaging used in lighting field. China's general lighting LED packaging market in 2018 is 5.2 billion US dollars, and the annual composite growth rate in 2018-2023 is only 3%. The growth rate has declined significantly.

In this context, manufacturers are trying to find new profit growth points. Taking LED packaging products for commercial lighting as an example, many enterprises at home and abroad have begun to develop in the direction of refinement. By customizing spectral bands, they have launched high-end commercial lighting display products, which are applied to clothing, catering, museums, jewelry and other fields.

It is reported that Riya has launched Optisolis () series products, which can accurately imitate natural sunlight without producing ultraviolet rays. This product has been used in the Kunst Museum Pablo Picasso Myunster, the Ludwig Museum in Koblenz and the Zeppelin Museum in Fdrichshafen in Port Frederick, Germany.

It is reported that Optisolis LED products in Riya can provide natural color evolution, which is used to replace halogen lamps and traditional LED directional lighting devices. Tourists can fully appreciate the high fidelity of the surrounding lights.

Optisolis lamp produces a light source that mimics the full spectrum of naked-eye visible natural light. The display index (CRI) above 98 at full intensity also provides a red content of more than 94, which is not a key saturated solid color measured by CRI.

It is understood that ultraviolet light will reduce the quality of precious works of art and artifacts, and thanks to Riya's expertise in the field of blue light and phosphors, Optisolis does not emit ultraviolet light. In addition, Optisolis provides a high lumen per watt value, which can significantly save energy.

Museum visitors gave positive feedback on the visual improvements brought about by Optisolis LED lamps, the report said.

Nowadays, the light emitted by lamps used in art exhibitions can gradually make the colors and details of works of art more vivid and influential. (Compiler: LED in Janice)

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