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Choosing LED lamp bead, to be considerate

by:Tranch      2020-04-10

in the market for LED lights, there are a lot, so choose to want how to just can choose good quality LED diode? Below small make up will give you some advice.

1。 Lamp bead quality decided against the chips quality, if we choose is a small factory production, made of light bead brightness will be lower, because its brightness is determined by the quality of LED lamp bead light emitting chip. The chip is poorer, generally use after a period of time will appear leakage, etc. , so in choosing the LED lamp bead should choose good brand manufacturers.

2。 Coming when the choice, choose to have a good LED lamp bead, the work in time, because of the bad heat dissipation conditions it droop get bigger, but it also reduces the service life of lamps and lanterns.

3。 Choose to have safety standards and certification of the LED diode, because good quality LED diode will through a series of inspection, quality assured.

this is the small make up to you when choosing LED lamp bead some Suggestions, hope to help everyone.

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