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China more than forty LED lamp bead companies targeting the standard optical components layout

by:Tranch      2020-07-01

is on May 16, 2012, the State Council to discuss by the national basic public service system in the 12th five-year plan ', takes out 2. 2 billion yuan to support the promotion of energy-saving lamps and LED lights. On May 28, 2012, LED lamp bead tube lighting application promotion meeting in guangdong province, the guangdong province presented a comprehensive promotion and application of LED lights, lighting products. In February 2013, the national six ministries jointly issued 'the semiconductor lighting industry energy conservation planning,' clearly put forward, the gradually increasing subsidies LED lights, lighting product promotion, expected in 2015, LED lights, lighting product market share of more than 20%.

but due to the LED lights, lighting products 'components' mostly in non-standard approval form, there lack of standard in product design, product cannot exchange, and poor compatibility, hindered the development of large-scale application of the product and industry. Therefore, urgent need to implement product components compatibility and versatility of standard, to regulate the LED lights, lighting market, promote the wider LED diode light.

according to the personage inside course of study, said: 'the LED lamp bead light illumination standard component is the product shape is not second choice. It has double the market attributes. In LED lights, lighting products, the crucial stage of popularization, middleware standard optical components can be either as a separate goods for sale, and can be assembled into a terminal application products for sale. Therefore, it has the infrastructure and conditions of the large-scale production and sales, to large-scale production and application, and accelerate the LED lights, lighting product popularity. '

however, LED lights, lighting products belong to the' electronic equipment ', it is different from traditional lighting, therefore in LED lights, lighting on the set of standard specification, should transfer from 'traditional lighting' train of thought to as soon as possible 'LED lighting electronics' train of thought. LED lights lighting products include LED diode chip, components, modules, lamps and lanterns and so on a number of different level, if on each level for standardization, is more accord with the normative requirement of LED lights, lighting products and LED lamp bead industry development needs. Therefore, guangdong in 2011 launched a 'LED lamp bead light illumination standard component plan'. Based on the LED lights, lighting products belong to the basic understanding of electronic equipment, from the top design of guangdong province, put forward a new set of standard system for the LED lamp bead light 'middleware' ( Corresponding to each level) Launched a standardization work, make the LED lights, lighting product coding principle, the formation of our LED diode industry in 'light components related to the core advantage of patent and detection technology.

at present, the LED lamp bead light illumination standard components 'get positive response in the industry, the first to participate in more than 41 enterprises, covering the LED lamp bead in the middle and lower reaches of industry leading enterprises, provide a wide range of components performance test report, 800, 162 products at different levels has been completed, the first component of 21 standard component specification has formed light, our duty is standard optical components application and popularization of LED lights, lighting application union has established a standard optical components, members and growing.

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