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Brief Analysis of the Current Market of LED Packaging Link


LED packaging links are most closely related to the application market. From 2017 to 2018, China's LED packaging links developed steadily. Influenced by the changes in chip prices, packaging product prices were fine-tuned. The mainstream market continued to grow, niche market heat increased, and the market gradually subdivided.
I. Industrial Scale
LED packaging is the middle link of the semiconductor lighting industry chain, which is most closely related to the application market. It accounts for about 30% of the total cost of application products. Due to the moderate technology content and investment threshold of packaging, it has become an important entry point for the development of semiconductor lighting industry in various countries. It has achieved relatively rapid development and has become the most competitive field.
II. Product Structure
From the perspective of packaging product structure, affected by backlight application and general lighting, mid-power SMD (surface mounting) products and COB integrated packaging products are favored by many downstream manufacturers because of their comprehensive cost advantages, and they still maintain the growth trend and occupy the mainstream market. At the same time, in the field of high-power packaging, the heat of EMC, CSP and DOB continues to be high. After several years of development, they have begun to compete with COB for the market. High-power EMC is superior to traditional low-power COB in cost-effectiveness. At present, more and more enterprises in this market begin to use EMC to replace low-wattage COB. In addition to floodlighting, CSP, which is characterized by small size, large current and high reliability, has begun to enter the market in flash, automobile lighting and other intensive lighting, projection lighting and small angle lighting, and will achieve rapid development.
III. Competition pattern
China is a big country in LED packaging. In recent years, foreign LED packaging enterprises have been transferred to mainland China. According to statistics, more than 70% of the world's packaging of LED devices is concentrated in the mainland of China, distributed in the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China's domestic and other packaging enterprises.
At present, the main competitive enterprises in the LED packaging market come from three camps: the first camp is Europe, America and Japan, which has the earliest start, is leading in technology in the world, and is actively strengthening the Chinese market layout, but the number of enterprises is small; the second camp is Korea and Taiwan, which is closely following the European and American level, leading in production scale, and most of the production capacity has been transferred to China to compete with domestic enterprises. The third camp is the domestic packaging enterprises. In recent years, the technology level has made rapid progress, and some enterprises have made great breakthroughs. They have gradually participated in the global competition, and their influence in the global LED packaging industry is increasing.
IV. Market Situation
Mainstream market continued to grow, niche market heat increased, market segmentation trend is obvious. Lighting field, low and medium power LED swept the market, including the entire indoor field and 60% of the outdoor field. In addition to the growth of domestic lighting market, more and more international brands, including Lumileds, OSRAM, CREE, Samsung, LG Innotek, will gradually focus on OEM orders in China. SMD and COB are still the mainstream products in this market. In the next few years, the domestic market as a whole will still maintain a relatively high growth rate, and the trend of fierce competition and low profit margin will also be maintained. It is expected that the demand for LED epitaxy will exceed 50 million by 2020.
In recent years, the optical market has been saturated, coupled with the impact of OLED, the growth has basically stagnated. However, as a high-end market, the profit is relatively high. In the early stage, Taiwan enterprises mainly occupied the market. Now domestic manufacturers have occupied the main market share. It is estimated that the demand for epitaxial films in the backlight market will be about 15 million by 2020.
With the rapid development of display market and small spacing display, the market of display LED keeps growing. It is expected that the market demand of display LED will reach 5 million pieces by 2020, and the market scale will reach 15.8 billion RMB.
The niche market has risen rapidly. Automotive LED, cell phone flash and plant lighting have become the key areas of layout and concern of major enterprises. According to CSA Research, the demand for epitaxial films in these areas exceeds 4 million.

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