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Black technology: see live long, real water droplets printer!

by:Tranch      2020-07-19
71% of the earth's surface is covered with oceans, and 70% of the human body is made up of water. Dong zhong based on this idea, and sports drinks the G Active on YouTube website issued a good advertising works: 'liquid' Water Made active. As you can see, the whole AD not line, but only on the picture, the effect is comparable to the large, one of the most important is the formation of water droplets in the ads, especially clever, clever, clever, become part of the living, so let a person shock! G - Active is Pepsi's Gatorade 'Gatorade' movement, the latest energy drinks, making the video team in order to promote this product. 20000 + pictures taken, the hours worked over 5000 hours, just use the flash photography water droplets form of instant action, finally put the string together still photographs became the AD. So, such a dog to eye stare 'water' to how the explosive film made? Simply speaking, the principle of the liquid printer, is to use the water flowing down. Water droplets movement speed is different, different water droplets will form a different motion picture, and then a photographer in cooperate with high frequency flash photography, finally re-use the stop motion animation editing technique, a liquid by the printer to print out the stop motion animation is ready. And we know the traditional printer points the following 1, laser printers. Speed, generally used only for black and white or colour printing. 2, inkjet printers, commonly used in color printing, slowly. 3, stylus printer, generally used for printing invoices and in-out warehouse list. Speed is slow. 4, thermal printers, generally used in the field of hospital listing. Can also be found in our testing directly or indirectly, the printer test to pass the salt spray test 'this, the temperature and humidity of optical electronic components and anti-corrosion performance has a very high requirements, so this is also the general printer and water can't hook, so the following is a general printer of conventional materials, you know!
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