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Avoid the LED lamp bead corrosion adopt what way

by:Tranch      2020-04-10

LED lamp bead under most conditions, can continue to operate. But once LED diode corrosion, can produce chemical reaction by the surrounding environment, reduces the performance of the LED diode. So how to avoid the LED lamp bead corrosion?

in order to avoid corrosion, not with the o-ring, gasket, rubber, organic foam pad, sealing rubber, vulcanized elastomer containing sulfur and other harmful substances. Even a small amount of harmful substance can also lead to the LED lamp bead corrosion. Before, therefore, can be set in the actual system, observe whether LED lamp bead component is damaged. If you can't avoid these harmful material, then will use LED lamp bead has a higher corrosion resistance.

these are used to avoid the LED lamp bead corrosion way, hope to help you.

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