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Automatic suspension intelligent speakers

by:Tranch      2020-08-15
1 is understood: in 2019, ali Tmall elves, baidu small degree of speakers and millet small love speakers become three major players in the intelligent sound track, back against the giants, strong ability of research and development, product iteration and the low price promotion, intelligent sound box hardware sales increased. Smart speaker for the first time the United States, China has also become the world market. Automatic suspension intelligent speakers to chat with you, call you up, give you sing, accompany you cook a meal, and even help you shopping, popular variety show 'for life' in the intelligent speakers triggered heated debate on the Internet. The appearance of various giant intelligent speakers have distinguishing feature each design! To introduce an intelligent speakers go today is low-key style - technology - - - - - - Automatic suspension intelligent speakers suspended technology and the perfect combination of audio equipment, not only has the science fiction of the flying saucer look and a double fidelity HiFi sound speaker, wireless charging, intelligent function such as bluetooth, the following is a part of the application of electronic components!
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