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5050 RGBW one light bead _Tranch photoelectric mixture

by:Tranch      2020-07-06

5050 RGBW snap one light bead with more colors are customizable, 5050 RGBW snap one light bead is not easy to die lamp, light failure is small, good consistency. 5050 RGBW snap one light bead current 350 ma, single color to single color 1 w, because the cause of small volume, increase power use is not recommended!

5050 RGBW snap one light bead characteristics:

1, less power consumption, is the same brightness of incandescent lamp power consumption reduced by 80%;

2, long service life: product life 50000 hours, 24 hours of continuous light available 7 years;

3, the response speed of the nanosecond, makes it easy to brightness and color of dynamic control, which can realize dynamic change color and digital control;

4, the design space is large, can be realized and the organic integration of architecture, achieve the result that didn't see the lights for the light;

5, environmental protection: no harmful metal *, no infrared and ultraviolet radiation;

6, color: different wavelengths produce different colored light, bright saturated, no filter, red, green and blue color available control after form a variety of different colors, which can realize full color gradient and so on all sorts of color changing effect.

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