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0603 led lights color bead why there will be a failure?

by:Tranch      2020-06-01

in the LED industry, although there is not like a regular light bulb filament burning phenomenon, but also can appear frequently LED lamp bead, 0603 ) Failure of color, this is how to cause?

in general, the LED color bead failure will have several reasons:

a, encapsulation adhesive residue of alien invaders

failure lamp bead appearance of local color black, often uncovered the encapsulation adhesive, you will find that there is a black foreign matter inclusion within the encapsulation adhesive, by scanning electron microscope and energy spectrometer for foreign body composition analysis, the general's main ingredients for aluminum ( Al) , carbon ( C) , oxygen ( O) Elements, but also contains a small amount of impurities, combined with background of the failure of user feedback shows that this kind of foreign bodies is often introduced in the process of encapsulation.

2, encapsulation adhesive by the chemical erosion colloid color

this kind of failure is often a glass torch light, its internal LED lamp belt is made of one-component curable silicone rubber adhesive on the glass tube, solid plastic parts lamp with LED lights, yellow dim phenomenon. Failure of lamp bead encapsulation adhesive materials for silicon rubber, elemental composition of packaging adhesive, they found it is more than normal lamp bead encapsulation adhesive composition detected a sulfur ( S) Element, which is caused by the encapsulation adhesive for vulcanization crosslinking occurred the phenomenon of the thermal decomposition temperature eventually lead to light bead failure become angry.

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