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0603 - led lamp bead to distinguish method - - - - - - Five: look!

by:Tranch      2020-06-01

in 0603 LED diode, enough to buy a lot of friend will encounter such a problem, what do you think of the LED diode various models are the same, how to correctly distinguish one model you want?

1, the brightness, the drive current of 350 ma, voltage in 3. 0 - 3. How much is 6 v between the brightness, the higher the average brightness, the better.

2, see the chip brand and size, and the chip itself, the bigger the better.

3, see BIN, the color temperature partition and electricity of subsection BIN, the thinner the better.

4, attenuation, need to do the aging test, droop as small as possible.

5, look at the actual application, such as cheaper than the market there are suitable and the price of the lens, aluminum plate, it is good, the lens need to open mold, aluminum plate will be put into a few bigger, 1 w power, current: 350 ma, voltage: 2. 8 - 4. Brightness: 0 v - 80 Lm color temperature: 130-3000 12000K。

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